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How to maintain your e-Bike

How to maintain your e-Bike

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Proper Care and Maintenance - Why is it important?

The maintenance required for an e-Bike is basically the same as the maintenance required for a conventional bike. While the electric components of an e-Bike require almost no maintenance, there other aspects of the bike that are similar to a conventional bike do. 

Because e-Bikes are usually ridden farther than a conventional bike, they require more care. Anything like dirt int he gears or low pressure in the tires can put stress on the battery causes it to work harder and not last as long. This shortens the time between charges and means that you won't have as much fun with your e-Bike as you would if you maintained it. 

It is important to note that maintaining your e-Bike is not as costly as your might thing. With gas powered vehicles, there are many parts that move and that need changing. With an e-Bike, you don't have to replace air filters, spark plugs, or change the oil. Because the e-Bike doesn't have many moving parts or high maintenance requirements, it is easy to take care of your e-Bike and keep it like new.

Take Your e-Bike to a Bike Shop

If you don't want to maintain your bike on your own, there is always the option of taking to a bike shop to get serviced. You do not need to take your e-Bike to a specialized e-Bike shop, a conventional bike shop will do just fine because it is only the conventional part of the e-Bike that needs to be maintained. Please be aware that some bike shops will refuse to work on your e-Bike because they are still new tot he market and they might not have enough experience with them yet and don't want to take the chance. 

Cleaning - Is it important?

Cleaning is extremely important in the maintenance of your e-Bike. It will ensure that your e-Bike will last a long time and save you money in the long run. 

Your e-Bike should ideally be cleaned every time you ride it. This can get tedious and some of you might not want to clean it this often so a good rule of thumb is to clean it weekly if you ride more than twice or three times a week. This cleaning schedule also depends on where and how hard you are riding. For example, if you are just riding the bike around the block in your neighborhood, your bike will require little maintenance but should still be cleaned to ensure lasting performance. If you are taking the bike up and down mountains, riding through dirt, or jumping off rocks, the bike should be cleaned thoroughly every time you're done.

Don't leave your bike out in the rain or snow. Doing this can cause damage to the e-Bike in both the electrical components and the conventional components. Also, do not leave you e-Bike in direct sunlight for a long period of time, this can cause problems if the battery overheats.

Here are some tips for cleaning:

  • Do not clean your e-Bike with a power washer. The strong stream of water has the potential to breach the waterproof seals of the battery pack and cause premature failure. Do not clean your e-Bike with a strong stream of water and still try to keep away from the battery pack while cleaning.
  • Be sure any dirt, debris, sand, mud, etc. that got caught on the bike is removed. 
  • Look for worn, loose, cracked, rusted, or damaged parts. Look for buckled paint (this can be a hint for some parts of the e-Bike that need closer inspection).
  • Don't open up casings, chargers, etc. You might not be able to reseal them correctly, which will make them more susceptible to water damage.


After every clean, a lubrication of the chain, levers, derailleur, and cables should be done. A properly lubricated e-Bike makes for a faster, smoother, and quieter ride. To do this, a lubricant should be applied to the different parts and let to sit for a few minutes. After the time has elapsed, the excess lubricant should be wiped off with a rag.


Regular maintenance and lubrication of your e-Bike is crucial to its long lasting performance. If your e-Bike is not properly maintained, it will not last as long and your will not enjoy it as much. Ideally, your e-Bike should be cleaned and lubricated after every ride, but it depends on your riding style. If you are just riding your e-Bike on the road every once in awhile, cleaning and lubrication isn't as important to you as someone who rides it downs dirt paths every day. With proper maintenance and lubrication, your e-Bike can be everything you imagine it to be.

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