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10 Reasons To Choose an Electric Bicycle

The electric bicycle is one of the most underused marvels of today’s exercise and commuting world.

Remember the fun you had pedaling your bike around town, down a bike path, or with your friends? Now the pedaling is optional! The e-bike is for anyone and can be taken into a fun filled, trailblazing session of excitement.

Today’s electric bicycle features are a laundry list of high tech gadgets (like rechargeable batteries) and simple pleasures that should make anyone who enjoys a bike ride (and even some of those that don’t) want to cruise around town. 

 Here are some great reasons for choosing an electric bike!

Fun & Safe - The safety and enjoyment you get from an electric bicycle is hard to beat. Almost anyone is sold on one of this beautiful machines wil the easy peddling and comforting hum of an electric motor. E-bikes makes excercising simple and safe. E-bikes have a variety of designs and features so even if you are not confident about your stamina and strength, you can still take a bike out to excercise without having the fears and limitations of a manual powered bike.

Reduce Pollution - In the world we live in today, you cannot go very far without considering or being told to be more "green" and do things that are better for their environement. With the E-bike, you never have to worry about that again. With rechargeable batteries, on top of the manually powered design of a bike, the E-bike will get you most places a car will all while reduced your carbon footprint.

Save Money - Saving money is very important these days with the state of the economy so who doesn't want to save money? The E-bike allows for the avoidance of huge costs. These avoided costs range from as big as avoiding another expensive car purchase to saving money supplementing your existing transportation methods with an E-bike. You will never make a trip to the gas station again with your E-bike, it runs on rechargable batteries! With an E-bike, wherever you look, there is money to be saved.

Commuting - Want to save time and money getting to work or running quick errands? As mentioned above, you already know that an e-bike will save you money that would be spent on filling up your car, but do you know that it can also save time? The average electric bike ride to work is faster or as fast as the equivalent driving commute and it is also exhilarating, fun and healthy!

Control Over Pace - If you are looking for variety in how you excercise, the E-bike is your best option. If you want to go for a bike ride but are afraid of getting up a steep hill, there is no need to worry. If you want to ride to the store or work but don't want to get all sweaty, there is no need to worry. The E-bike features a motor power than can match or even replace your peddling if you so choose. You are in control of how much energy you exert. The E-bike is capable of taking all of the fears and limitations out of a commute or casual bike ride.

Spending Time Outdoors - With all the technology and indoor gyms we have nowadays, people love staying indoors more and more. Believe it or not, going outside and soaking in the sun's rays is actually healthy! With the e-bike, going outside to excercise will not be a chore anymore. It will be something you look forward to on a regular basis. Buy yourself, your family member, or even a friend an E-bike so that everyone will be excited to go outside and enjoy a ride outdoors.

Less Requirements - Cars, trucks, and motorcylces require many things to get them up and going such as driver's licenses, registration, insurance, etc. With an E-bike all these requirements go away and you can actually enjoy your purchase. Avoiding all these requirements for a car can be avoided if you own an E-bike.

Less Maintenance - An e-bike also is going to be save you a fourtune in the need-to-repair department. While an e-bike or its components might seem expensive, an unforeseen car repair pales in comparison to an E-bike purchase. E-bikes don't have oil changes and lack many other mantinence requirements a car has which makes real maintenance a minimum!

No More Excuses - With an E-bike, there are no more excuses for excercising, commuting, running errands, etc. E-bikes are designed to allow you to excercise, but also rely on an electric motor if necessary. You will never be too tired, lazy, yound, old, or injured to get out and enjoy a ride on an E-bike!

No insurance - No License required: Although electric bike laws in different states may vary a bit, you can generally operate electric bikes without a license, and in most cases ride them anywhere regular bicycles are allowed. Your are encouraged to check your state laws and requiments, as they vary from state to state!

Why buy an Electric Bicycle?

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